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Chiropractic Treatment & Pain Relief in Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Spine Group offers safe and effective chiropractic treatment in a state of the art clinic. Whether you are looking for pain relief or better overall health, The Spine group can help. Ask about our Military discounts.
The Danger
Chiropractic is a system of health care that releases one of the most serious forms of stress from your body, the Vertebral Subluxation Complex that can affect your nerves, muscles, internal organs, discs, bones, and brain. This complex can not only cause pain, but it can weaken your overall health. In other words, chiropractors work with the spine (from head to pelvis) to correct not only spinal faults, but also to ensure proper nerve communication from the brain to all other areas of the body.
The Spine Group

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How We Can Help
Chiropractic has become the largest drugless health care profession in the world, because it has helped millions of people recover from sickness, disease and disability. It has also effectively minimized the use of drugs and the need for surgery.

State-of-the-Art Therapy Modalities
Our state-of-the-art Modalities will enhance healing, reduce swelling and pain, and provide relief. We specialize in interferential muscle stimulation, which reduces muscle spasms and increases blood flow bringing nutrient rich blood to areas. This enhances healing and reduces pain by releasing the body's natural pain relievers.


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